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Online events calendar

ChronoFlo Calendar allows you to make stunning events calendars you can share on the web or embed on your website.

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Free account

With ChronoFlo Calendar's free account, you can create an interactive calendar you can share on the web. Sign up .

Premium accounts

Our premium accounts let you embed calendars on your website, upload images to our servers and much more. Learn more .

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Getting started

Our FAQs page provides useful info on how to make online calendars using our software. We also publish tutorials on our blog.

Why ChronoFlo Calendar?

We're not like the other calendar apps out there.
Here's what sets us apart

  • Share on the web

    ChronoFlo calendars can be shared on the internet
    or embedded on your company website

  • Beautiful designs

    Choose from one of our hand-designed themes.
    Or create your own theme to perfectly match your brand

  • Innovative navigation

    No need to tediously click between months.
    Effortlessly scroll to where you want using a timeline

  • Rich media

    Include images, videos and audio in your calendar.
    Perfect for promoting your upcoming events

  • Feed your content

    Populate your calendar with events from external feeds
    including iCal (Google Calendar), RSS and JSON*.

  • Highly customisable

    No other calendar app comes close to the
    customisation and branding options we offer

  • Nothing to download

    ChronoFlo Calendar works in your browser.
    Sign up and start creating your first calendar in minutes

*Premium accounts only

What can I make?

ChronoFlo Calendar is suitable for most calendar projects

  • Events calendar

    Keep your customers informed about upcoming events
    with a media rich calendar featuring images and videos

  • School calendar

    Make sure your pupils know when their homework is due
    by putting the deadlines on a calendar.

  • Family calendar

    Share a calendar with your partner and children.
    Include a person's photo on their birthday

  • Legal calendar

    Track important events in a legal case
    by logging them on a calendar

  • Project calendar

    Mark project deadlines and milestones on a
    calendar and share with your team

How can I sign up?

Fill in the below form with your details, click the button
and get started on creating your first ChronoFlo calendar.

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What accounts do you have?

See our account options below. Pick the one that suits you best


Free account

Basic account that allows you to create a beautiful calendar

  • Limited to one calendar
  • Share calendar on web
  • Create your own theme
  • Includes images and video
  • Colour events by category
  • Up to 50 current events

Price: Free


Bronze account

Perfect for individuals and small community groups

  • Up to five calendars
  • Embed calendars on your site
  • 5,000 monthly embeddable views
  • RSS and iCal feeds
  • Up to 500 current events
  • Upload images to our servers

Price: $10.00 a month


Silver account

Aimed at small and medium-sized organisations

  • Up to 25 calendars
  • Embed calendars on your site
  • 30,000 monthly embeddable views
  • RSS, iCal and JSON feeds
  • Up to 1,000 current events
  • Upload images to our servers

Price: $27.50 a month

To buy one of our premium accounts, firstly sign up for our free account using the form above. Please note that our accounts cannot be used commercially to create calendars for other companies. Digital/communications agencies wanting to create calendars for their clients should contact us at If you would like to pay for a full-year's subscription by invoice, please email us at